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   A Nurturing Attitude

One-on-one Customized Plan of Care tapped with good qualities of care providers

Acuity Extended Care Client Services

  • ​​​​​Provide or assist clients with personal care, including but not limited to bathing, shampoo hair, oral hygiene, and general skin care. All care is provided with consistency to the “Plan of Care.”
  • Assist patients or clients with mobility and ambulation as appropriate and with consistency to the Plan of Care. Examples may include transfers and assistance with walker use.

  • Prepares and serve meals as appropriate and consistent to the Plan of Care. May feed patients and or provide fluids as directed in the Plan of Care/Supervised by a healthcare professional

  •  Assist Clients with medication reminders supervised by a health professional
  • ​ Assist patients/clients with toileting activities including, the use of commode, or changing diapers.


 A Model In  the Realm Of Care

A Compassionate & Caring Heart

  • Take or record oral and axillary temperature, pulse, and respiration, and or blood pressure under the supervision of a health professional.
  • Turn and reposition bedbound patients every 2 hours, providing preventive skin care and backrubs
  • Performs Range of Motion and other simple exercises under the supervision of the therapist or other health professionals.Handle business affairs authorized by a cognitively capable client or as designated by an immediate relative with a Durable Power of Attorney.

The Unique Gift of Caring

Our home care one-on-one providers are dedicated to performing their duties above par, which is complemented with compassion, love, understanding, always putting the needs of our clients as top priority. Building staff character is embedded in our mission.